Hologram for touchpad – Arena project

Developed by the Lab GAMERZ, this device makes it possible to use a tactile tablet to diffuse holographic images in an autonomous and mobile way. It consists of several nestable parts including a base and a screen, printed by 3D printing.

Holographic projection Arena Project is composed of three architecture models of mysterious monumental temple-like buildings.
But having a close look at them, these « projects » all share the architecture of stadiums or arenas. Géraud Soulhiol plays with our times’ favourite architectures, turning their row seats upside down, multiplying their floors and finally transforming them into counter-architectures, whose functions are still to invent.

Géraud Soulhiol was born in France in 1981. He lives and works in Paris. The backbone of his work is drawing on paper and porcelain, extending to modeling, animation and 3D printing.


2016 - Résidence Géraud Soulhiol - Arena