Lab GAMERZ is an association dedicated to the promotion and production of multidisciplanary and multimedia art. Funded in 2003 by a team of artists to explore and question digital culture, today Lab GAMERZ is working to promote trans-disciplinary practice and knowledge sharing between the arts and other fields of research and action. Lab GAMERZ act localy as well as within an international network of research and creation. The main actions of the associaitin are multifaceted to best suit the needs and issues of contemporary culture, artists, territory and their inhabitants.







Team :

Shared direction :

Elena Biserna, Magdeleine Groff, Grégoire Lauvin

Art direction :

Elena Biserna – elena.biserna[at]lab-gamerz.com

Technical direction and lab management :
Grégoire Lauvin – gregoire.lauvin[at]lab-gamerz.com

Administration :
Magdeleine Groff – magdeleine.groff[at]lab-gamerz.com


Patio du Bois de l’Aune,
1 place Victor Schoelcher,
13090 Aix-en-Provence





Tel. : +33 (0)



Board members:
President : Jean-Paul PONTHOT
Secretary : Sylvain HUGUET
Treasurer : Claire GUERIN
Administrators :
Christiane COURBON
Stéphane COUSOT


Lab GAMERZ is funded by :


2014 - Présentation Lab GAMERZ