Grégoire Lauvin
Installation, mixed media
Residence – February-March-April 2021
Production: M2F Créations | Lab GAMERZ with the support of Région Sud, Carte Blanche aux Arts Visuels 2020
Photo credits: Grégoire Lauvin, M2F Créations


“Puissance” questions our past productivist utopias and our dreams of dematerialized wealth through an absurd and poetic game of alchemical transformation whose work is ultimately the transmuted matter.
The project “Puissance” explores a relationship between energy, work and the production of virtual wealth. A complex machinery mixes computers and mechanics in a spatial and sound installation. This machine “mines” a virtual currency, the heat produced is transformed into mechanical work and sets in motion a tiny music box playing a song that we end up identifying as the “Internationale”.




2019 - Résidence Lab GAMERZ - Demain les robots - France Cadet