Euphosia 0.1

Euphausia 0.1 is an interactive installation. It offers viewers to feed a water world alive with sending SMS through mobile phones.
Wishing investing public space, M2F Creations and Seconde Nature invite this project at the heart of downtown, on Friday, June 4, at the City hall Place, in Aix-en-Provence, from 9pm.
Djeff Regottaz
Born in 1975, Djeff Regottaz lives in Paris. Teacher, researcher and artistic director of Sciences Po Paris, he is the foundator of digital design studio “Dekalko Studio”.
Sÿclo is a design art group composed by Loïc Horellou and Loïs de Cornulier. They work on projects using illustration, animation and interactive installations.

2010 - Résidence Euphosia 0.1