« À coeur ouvert »

Quentin Destieu
Installation, electronic components, wood, glass, 2017


Enlarged to the human scale, the architecture of the first and last microprocessor designed by a man – intel T 4004 (1972) – acquires a mythical aura. All the following processors were produced by computers because of their complexity. The artist re-establishes human know-how since it was seized by the machines. He reveals a network based on electric commutation of over 2300 transistors that usually can’t be seen. He lets us see a hidden part of systems that regulate our lives and invites us to consider an archaeology of these new media. (Martine Michard)


Realized with the support of DICRéAM, Maison des Arts George et Claude Pompidou (MAGCP), Cajarc, thanks to Grégoire Lauvin, Sylvain Huguet and Bastien Vacherand.




Résidence Quentin Destieu - "A coeur ouvert "