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The main objective of this project is to create spaces for active and voluntary collaboration, linking creative people, artists and cultural agents as well as scientific researchers and computer scientists in Europe. CATCH aims to expand and multiply exchanges in the dimension of scientific knowledge, technological advances and artistic production by elaborating common experimental projects with an ambition to link and integrate the world of artistic expression and the world of impairment and disabilities.
We will achieve this by drawing upon specific expressive potentialities and by favouring activities involving communication and exchanges in order to permit disadvantaged people to be better ‘human beings in the world’. We believe that human impairment, once peripheral, constitutes an emancipatory force that cannot be ignored by any form of socio-cultural development.
Therefore, our overall objective is to develop and reinforce the conceptual and methodological ties that form tight bonds between scientific research projects and advanced artistic practises by means of trans-disciplinarity and trans-sensoriality. In particular, we will focus on integration of tactility, vision, hearing, spatial cognition, speech, communication and interactive gestural forms of expression within interdisciplinary intercultural practices resulting in innovative artworks with high social relevance.
In order to stimulate and catalyze creativity we will establish specific experimentation protocols that will accommodate workshops, meetings, seminars, performances, and exhibitions, We will produce events oriented toward a broad public with a vision to initiate long-term collaborative creation projects in the field of handicap, These projects will link advanced research laboratories with creative young people in order to showcase the interrelationships which exist between the universe of the disabled, contemporary experimental art and foundational research.

This work programme has been funded with support from the European Commission.

Partners :
CIANT (Centre International des Arts et Nouvelles Technologies), Prague, Czech Republic
M2F Créations, Aix-en-Provence, France
Arte e ideias, Porto, Portugal