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Léna Hiriartborde
Editing and post production residence – May2021 Léna Hiriartborde
Photo credits: Léna Hiriartborde


Bajo Putumayo, Colombie


Subject to seeing where the confetti goes. Subject to taking the size of the underground galleries. Captivated by the relentless occupation of leafcutting ants, I seek to participate. Between scientific prospecting and childish curiosity, I place new materials cut to the appropriate dimensions near their furrows. Let them get them on board immediately, ready to integrate this new substrate into their precise ecology. What are they going to do with it? Are there laboratory ants inside? What a funny picture these spots of bright colors emerging little by little through the multiple openings of the anthill.


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2021 - Résidence Lab GAMERZ - Sous réserve de - Léna Hiriartborde