Brêches Mécaniques

Luce Moreau
Residence – January 2021
Coproduced by M2F Créations | Lab GAMERZ,
Photo credits: F.Kolandjian – Luce Moreau – M2F Créations | Lab GAMERZ


The installation “Brêches Mécaniques” offers a fictional medium around the notions of resilience and ecological anticipation. The project focuses on the ability of a species to recover normal functioning after having undergone a disturbance: here, the disappearance of the bee’s natural habitats and its overculture by humans, in the grip of disorientation and progressive abandonment of its community utopias. A 3D printer was developed for the project to mechanically construct a beeswax nest modeled as close as possible to its wild form. The exact replica of natural forms produced by the machine foreshadows a dystopian vision, in which mechanics would artificially attract the pollinator so that he instinctively establishes himself and builds the habitat of his colony.



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2021 - Résidence Lab GAMERZ - Brêches mécaniques - Luce Moreau