(CHAllenging Networked CommunitiEs)

The main objective of this project is to harmonize and utilize the best of current social networking technologies in order to stimulate intercultural dialogue with concrete artistic and cultural results visible and circulated around Europe on a trajectory from virtual to physical domain. We will give voice to emerging talented people across different cultures to meet and discuss, share ideas, skills and knowledge based on open-curatorial strategies and innovative models of interconnecting diverse creative communities. In order to catalyze creativity we will integrate a set of tools making it possible to effectively announce, manage, circulate and bring visibility to cultural operators, groups of artists as well as creative individuals, across all sectors and regions in Europe. We envision the construction of an open-source CHANCE platform that will support user-friendly mass collaboration (also called peer production) and promotion of artistic and intercultural values while the major creative work within the project will be dedicated to artistic experiments with and critical contextualization of the platform tools and concepts. Artistic creation and cultural production has become dependent on the use of on-line social networks where basically anyone,including minorities and socially otherwise disadvantaged people, can remotely and for free collaborate, co-produce, discuss and learn as well as teach and guide one another. Given these new communication possibilities, a growing number of creative individuals and intercultural operators can innovate to produce excellent creative content and offer high-quality cultural services often with enormous social and environmental relevance and impact.

This work program has been funded with support from the European Commission, Culture program.

Partners :
CIANT (Centre International des Arts et Nouvelles Technologies), Prague, Czech Republic
M2F Créations, Aix-en-Provence, France
Nuromedia, Cologne, Germany
Bis, Istanbul, Turkeys