Hologram for touchpad – Hololeçon #32

Developed by the Lab GAMERZ, this device makes it possible to use a tactile tablet to diffuse holographic images in an autonomous and mobile way. It consists of several nestable parts including a base and a screen, printed by 3D printing.

France Cadet once again diverts a lesson of seduction from a famous French lingerie brand, with a robotic version of the “lesson n°32: encourage him to meditate”.
The artist explores the contemporary imagination of cyborgs. Half-robot half-woman, she performs into the shape of a gynoid (a robot that looks like a woman).
A cyborg 3D animation of the artist made thanks to a 3D scanner is kneeling on the ground hands tied. Like those fashionable Japanese human faced android, this avatar appears on the screen by successive slices. The sequence of body sections reveals the electronic internal anatomy of this creature, while gradually rebuilding its outer shell. Once materialized, this evanescent pin-up of modern times makes a slow revolution before disappearing again by regular cuts.
Those hybrid bio-mechanical bodies naturally artificial by definition, call us to wonder whether machines can have emotions, feelings and sexual needs.


2016 Hologramme Tablette